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About Foshee & Yaffe

Blake Yaffe and Jerry Foshee formed their partnership 37 years ago.  Foshee & Yaffe is now the largest firm in south Oklahoma City, with 18 lawyers and 40 staff members.

This firm is a pleasure to work for.  Our staff and lawyers are required to treat our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves.

We are also a very technologically advanced firm.  Our office is virtually paperless.  Every document is scanned into our computer system.  I can access your entire case file from my laptop wherever I might be.  (However, “the law is a jealous mistress”, so when I go on vacation I pretty much leave my work in the office and try to take that time just for myself.)

Foshee & Yaffe’s core business has always been personal injury and workers compensation.  However, we are a very diverse firm.  We have lawyers who specialize in many fields

·    family law
·    criminal defense
·    employment law
·    social security disability
·    bankruptcy
·    wills, estates, and financial planning
·    immigration law,
·    business transactions, and
·    real estate

Having all this talent around is great because if you call me with a question about  something outside my expertise, I can usually duck around the corner and find an answer from a lawyer who knows that area of the law.  If it turns out you need the services of a lawyer in one of those other fields, we usually have somebody who can help you and charge reasonable fees.

I personally love working at Foshee & Yaffe because I like the people, the partnership, and the management of the firm.  But most important, I like the way they treat my clients.

You are entitled to be treated with courtesy and professionalism; to have your questions answered; to have access to your lawyer; and to be informed about your case and the status of your litigation.  I think we do that exceptionally well, as you can see from the client comments posted on Foshee & Yaffe’s web page.

“Big enough to fight; small enough to care.”  Foshee & Yaffe.

Foshee & Yaffe

12231 S. May Ave

Oklahoma City, OK

(405) 632-6668


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