Motorcycle Accidents

By Gregory H. Haubrich

Attorney at Law


A couple of months after my wife died I bought a Harley: 2009 Nightster, matte black on gray, low-riding cruiser single-seater with a Screamin’ Eagle performance kit and some nice add-ons like slip on pipes and a Mustang seat. It goes like a bat outta you know where.

I was riding it home on a country road the night I bought it and a flock of geese was flying alongside me down low about 40 miles an hour just honking and cruising along in the evening…looking for a nesting place I guess. I looked over at those geese and felt that close-to-nature-thing you can only get on a bike and thought to myself: “oh yeah, that’s why I bought this thing.”

But, when people on motorcycles crash, they get hurt really really bad. No matter how well you equip yourself with helmet, leather, gloves, and boots, you just don’t have a lot of protection from other vehicles or things when you’re on a bike. Plus, motorcycles aren’t as visible as cars or trucks. No matter how defensively careful you are on a bike, there’s always that person in a car out there who doesn’t look twice or pulls out without seeing you and there you go getting all busted up.

One thing about bikers is they tend to be tough. One of my friends got hurt by a pickup truck that made an illegal turn in front of him. My buddy had no choice but to lay it down. An eyewitness said that when he released from the bike he rolled and tumbled seven complete turns on the road. The pickup truck tried to leave the scene. J.D. got up and ran after him — on a broken ankle and with torn skin hanging off of both hands. Fortunately another driver sped after the guy and stopped him.

Just as in a car wreck case, one of the things we do in a motorcycle case is look at all available insurance: not just the liability coverage of the person at fault, but also our own clients’ insurance. Many of us have uninsured motorist coverage and medical payments coverage which can fill in the gap between the available liability coverage and fair compensation for the injury. But there is never really fair compensation for a really bad injury. In a bad wreck people’s lives may be changed forever.

One of my duties as a lawyer is to try to figure out what your case is worth. The value of the case is NEVER the same as what a person would take to not have a permanent, life-changing injury.

You need all the help you can get when it comes time to make your case. As your attorney, I’ll be there to answer all your questions and provide the aggressive representation necessary to get an acceptable settlement.

Nothing erases a loss, but a lawsuit helps with:

  • Hospital bills and medical visits
  • Funeral expenses
  • Wages lost
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Property damage

Free Consultation

There’s no cost to contact me for a case evaluation. 

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